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Found abandoned in Tanaris as a toddler, Tuyok was taken in as an orphan until Niqora and Mysthowl adopted him as their own son as a teenage. Strong and proud with a bit of a temper, he is carefully watched over by Niqora’s parents Cainivat and Palaruk in Thunderbluff now that Mysthowl has been killed and Niqora spends her time performing tasks for the Horde.

Tuyok (full RP name: Issorartuyok Wildstride) is my tauren warrior, who has danced between Fury and Protection before finally deciding to leave him as Prot once he found his healing companion (Kazi’s discipline priest Ghislain). He struck out on his own again after Kazi lost interest in Ghislain and he’s been leveling as a LFG tank ever since.

[armory-character realm=”Wyrmrest Accord” name=”Tuyok” region=”US”]