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Zulrea has been able to communicate with the elements since birth but this was not realized until the orcs had made their home in Durotar. Her family was frightened of her abilities that manifested themselves in strange ways, and so they kept her in hiding. Her sympathetic and supportive older brother managed to secret her away to speak with the orc shamans in Orgrimmar, who presented her as a student to Kazimierz. As she grew in skill and power over the years, an affectionate bond formed between student and teacher. After becoming a full shaman in her own right, Zulrea and Kazimerz found comfort in each other’s company and have been together ever since.

Zulrea Totemspeak was my first real attempt at leveling a shaman. She leveled as elemental alongside her ornery orc companion Basia (Kazi’s warlock), dual-speccing as resto for dungeons. In Cataclysm, I changed her main spec from elemental to enhancement and I’ve been reveling it ever since. She currently resides on Wyrmrest Accord.

[armory-character realm=”Wyrmrest Accord” name=”Zulrea” region=”US”]