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All the weirdos are out


I had some very strange experiences this weekend with other players. Now, it was Thanksgiving in the USA (here in Canada, we had it a month ago) so I’m maybe wondering if that had something to do with it? Let’s start of with a very “special” level 40-something blood elf hunter that I met on […]

I’ve got a lovely bunch of hunter pets


Hi, my name is Faeldray, and I am a petoholic. And it turns out that I’m not the only one out there. Mania, who was away on work, asked for everyone to talk about their pets and why they love them. I know I’m writing this a little late but it’s taken me a while […]

Cats, leveling, and bye-bye Loch Modan!


Fhionn, as you may know, is my cat lady. She will only tame cat pets. Right now, she has Irusan, a Durotar tiger. I had to run all the way to the Echo Isles to get him, not without the help of a guildie of course. But now I have been thinking of getting Dishu, […]