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Anuun, tauren priestess of the Light


Oh lord, I should have gone to sleep several hours ago. But I had another Photoshop idea that I couldn’t get out of my head. So now I give you the reason why tauren priests are the best idea ever. Do not underestimate her. She will smite you in the name of the Earth Mother.

Everyone’s a hero in their own way


I’ve decided that every time I can’t think of a title for a post, I’ll just use lyrics from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Yes, I love it that much, which is saying a lot from a girl who generally despises musicals. Anyways, the reason I couldn’t think of a title is because this is an […]

Oh my


Niqora isn’t quite looking like herself today. She must be feeling ill. And I swear that I did not ninja that Dragonstalker’s Helmet. /shifteyes First you steal my character’s name after I had it for so long and now you do this to her?! You have completely ruined her self-esteem, Blizzard!