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The prodigal blogger returns


I was missing Wow so I bought a month’s worth of time, telling myself that this would be the test to see how I feel about the game. That was over a month ago and I’m still here, still enjoying it. The strangest thing of all was that I had really wanted to play my […]

Everyone’s a hero in their own way


I’ve decided that every time I can’t think of a title for a post, I’ll just use lyrics from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Yes, I love it that much, which is saying a lot from a girl who generally despises musicals. Anyways, the reason I couldn’t think of a title is because this is an […]

RP Session 1: Where in Radoslaw asks Aroqin too many questions


Kazimierz and I decided to roll two Alliance characters a little while back to join Bloodriver’s up-and-coming Alliance sister guild, Obsidian Phoenix. My character Aroqin is a night elf druid and his character Radoslaw is a human rogue. One night we ended up role-playing a little between them and discovered they have some interesting personalities. […]