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Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros


I don’t believe I mentioned this before but 2 years ago, Kazi decided that he wanted to try to get Sulfuras, the legendary mace from Molten Core. He very quickly and dutifully collected all the materials for the Sulfuron Hammer through multiple MC runs and helped his blacksmithing friend to get the recipe for him. […]

Neither gold nor glory


I finally did it. It took me several weeks, mostly rep grinding, some of it due to the help required for raids not being available at five in the morning when I came home, but the Scepter of the Shifting Sands is now mine, forever in a place of honor in Kazi’s bank. After all […]

Of Death and Rebirth


It is often easy to forget about the impact of death, permanent death, in a world filled with resurrection magic and spirit healers. For players, an untimely demise at the hands (or claws, teeth, spells, what have you) of another is merely a brief, annoying setback in the quest for xp or loot, not the […]