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Monthly Archives: June 2008

The results are in


Update: The Pet-o-licious Namerator is now here! The poll to decided how the pet name generator would work has now been closed. I figured 10 days was enough time for everyone to get their opinions in. Thanks to the 257 of you who voted, I have been able to determine that what people want is […]



First the poll for the pet name generator is featured on Mania’s Arcania here. Then it’s mentioned on WOW Insider here. I am now watching my hits sky-rocket through the air. Because of this, I will be letting people vote for a couple more days before I resume work on the pet name generator. …No […]

P.S. Looking for a job


This is non-WoW related but hey, why not mention it? Since my web design school is finished, I’ve looking for a job. Anyone out there need a web designer? I can even do stuff for blogs (as you can see from this site). I’m not sure if/how I would charge for that. Contact me and […]