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Linkback: Totems 101 and Azerothian Diets


The other day, I offered my dear Kazimierz an opportunity to move his blog from Blogspot to a WordPress install that I would be the web host for. After seeing all the customization I do for Petoholics, he jumped at the chance, which lead to a fury of activity including getting him a new domain […]

Hear ye, hear ye! Looking for bloggers!


There I was, staring at my Google Reader. I was struck with a sudden, blinding flash of inspiration… “You really need to clean this %*@# up.” As I was purging old blogs, some of which had not been updated since last summer, I recalled that my blogroll here also needed a similar culling. I’m a […]

Linkback: Kazimierz’s blog – Totems and Technology


So apparently if I drop enough hints (if you consider saying outright “You need to start a blog” a hint), eventually Kazi will listen to me. 😉 Jokes aside, Kazi has several wonderfully written posts about his shaman’s early life, so for those of you who appreciates WoW roleplaying (including myself) or just a good […]