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I live!


So…I’ve had both Cait and Tzia poke me to post an update (Tzia so subtly said to me in guild chat: “Niqo, you DO remember that you have a blog, right?”). In my defense, I have been kind of busy searching for a job and finally landing one (Yay!). But…I have also had enough time […]

All-in-one character updates


I honestly have been playing…really, I swear. Work as usual has taken up chunks of my time, as well as other things. And I know I’ve been behind on all of my RSS feeds for the blogs I read when I have over 700 new items >.< To make things simpler, I’m just going to […]

There are some things money can’t buy


Repair bills to run Tkasha to Darkshore, drown her, and get on the boat to Azuremyst…1 silver 96 copper Arrows to kill the Blood Elf Bandit 6 times…2 silver 15 copper Time spent running around Azuremyst killing the bugger until he dropped this…1 hour Tkasha wearing an item that is selling for 100 gold on […]