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Like Machalor, Jorthwyn was created to play with a specific group of friends but the group has since fallen apart (figures). Jorthwyn’s name is derived from Jörð, a Norse earth goddess, since the other players in the now defunct group had Norse names.

Her main pet is Munnin, named after one of Odin’s ravens. Jorthwyn traveled all the way to Northrend at the tender level of 21 in order to tame him. Surprisingly, she didn’t die once on the journey.

Her alt pet is Freki, a prairie wolf that is found in Mulgore at level 5-6. Why did Jorthwyn travel all that way to tame a prairie wolf? Because they are one of only two kinds of pets that has the special behaviour of barking when anybody clicks on him. He was just too special to pass up and it makes me smile every time I hear him bark happily.

Jorthwyn’s Pets