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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Best GM Ever


I just had to share this from WoW Bash before getting back to work. Honestly, I think this is the best GM response I have ever seen. I want to give that man +100 internets.

So we meet again, Firelord


So this weekend, my raid group headed back into the Firelands. We were on Alysrazor from last time and it only took a new tries to get her down, with surprisingly few deaths. For us, killing a boss is a win. Killing a boss with everyone still alive is a \o/ MAJOR WIN \o/. I […]

Hello 2012!


So here we are in a brand new year. If you believe the whole Aztec thing, this is going to be the year that the whole world comes to an end, apparently just a couple days before my 27th birthday. At least I’ll die young and leave a (semi)beautiful corpse. Holiday Sundries So I had […]