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Category Archives: Design/Development

New Design: Now that’s shiny


If I might say so myself…that is one beautiful sunset background. All this design is missing now is the infamous Twitch.

New Design: Just getting started


I was going to say “Before anyone panics” but it looks like poor Pookii already did when he visited while I was fooling around with the themes. Petoholics is still named “Petoholics Anonymous”, I just hadn’t had a chance to replace the temporary logo that came with the theme. >.> And fear not, Twitch and […]

It’s back! …Kinda!


So the old posts and comments have been restored. It took a little finagling with databases and SQL to do but it’s there. 😀 Really the only thing left to go is to make this blog look all pretty again…which will take a bit of time. I was thinking of slowly building up the design […]