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This is my home. This was not where I was born, or where I live now. Here is where I grew from a child to a woman. Where I honed my skills as a hunter and befriended my first beast. Where I learnt what it meant to be a warrior for my tribe, a protector. […]

Patch 4.0.1 Resources and Impressions


Right off the bat, I’m going to give you a bunch of fantastic posts written by Jaded Alt and Revive & Rejuvenate that will help make sense of the chaos that is the latest patch. 4.0 Bare Minimum (changes to stats, raiding, glyphs, etc.) 4.0 Glyphs (a complete list) 4.0 Gems (conversions and new gems […]

Name generators are getting ready for Cataclysm


Alert the press! With Cataclysm looming in the distance and set to arrive in the next couple months (depending on who you ask), I finally got off my lazy butt and fixed up the name suggestion forms for my name generators. So you can now submit your ideas for worgen and goblin names to the […]