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All kinds of how-to-dos

Linkback: Totems 101 and Azerothian Diets


The other day, I offered my dear Kazimierz an opportunity to move his blog from Blogspot to a WordPress install that I would be the web host for. After seeing all the customization I do for Petoholics, he jumped at the chance, which lead to a fury of activity including getting him a new domain […]

Whiny Post Day


Today is St. Patty’s Day (AKA the day that Faeldray spends like every other day because she does not drink alcohol. Shocking, isn’t it? I must be 1 in 1000 at least.) It has also been declared Whiny Post Day. I do love Righteous Orbs’ whiny post. Now I certainly hope that I don’t whine […]

There is no dragon mode


Or How to Roleplay a Dragon Anyone who’s had any experience roleplaying in WoW have seen them. As labeled by my guild, they are the werewolf vampire dragon blood elf shaman warlocks who always seem to be hanging around in Silvermoon or Goldshire in skimpy outfits. Sadly, it’s these people who give the real roleplayers […]