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Character and pet name generators are still live


For those of you who are looking, here are the links for the PANDA WoW name generator and the Pet-o-licious Namerator for hunter pet names.

Twas the night before release…


And all through fair Azeroth, Players were anxiously waiting, Even the hunter with the moth. Well, I never claimed to be a spectacular poet or anything. The point being is that I finally added all the new pet families to the Pet-o-licious Namerator, and just in time for the expansion. In a short little while […]

Updating Pet-o-holics Namerator for WotLK


So I’m reinstalling WoW on my laptop (don’t ask >.< ) and while I was staring at the progress bar inch ever so slowly along, I realized that with the new patch, there’s new pet families. Families that aren’t in the Pet-o-holics Namerator! This calls for an update! I figured it would be best to […]