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Lame update title because I can’t think of anything funny


My updates have been a little…lacking, so here’s a summary of all the things that have been happening. On Saturday, we had our memorial for Vinny. Over 25 people showed up at the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior in the Barrens and we spent a couple hours recounting stories about him and giving a “KungalooooOOOOooooOOOooosh” […]

Saraku – Part 2: Fire


“You have a choice, Saraku.” That is what my tauren said to me the first day, when we stood on a windy ledge before another netherdrake disguised as a blood elf. I would not forget the way her eyes held my gaze as she spoke, because I would see that same glint in them every […]

The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku: Kazi’s screenshots


When I posted the first of Kazi’s and Saraku’s Adventures yesterday, I lamented not taking any screenshots of the Tanaris Islands and the tauren home. But lucky Kazi had the foresight to take a couple and linked them in the comments. So here they are in their own post! Yeah, I know Kazi did all […]