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This is why you let sleeping cats lie…

Anyone know who Dishu is? She’s the first leopard-skinned cat available, and the only one tamable below level 25. She is also a rare spawn. How do I know she’s a she? Simple. When Fhionn first attempted to tame her, she and her three suddenly-spawning cubs ripped the night elf to shreds.

It seemed it would be fairly simple. Fhionn was level 13, Dishu was level 13. She’s just a rare, not an elite so how hard could she be?

The trip back to the Barrens was easy this time for Fhionn, now that I had the flight point to Ratchet from taming Irusan. Then it was a bit of a walk past Crossroads to the place where Dishu spawns. And there I found her, dozing in the shade of a tree as if she didn’t have a care in the world. I click on Tame Beast, she comes galloping towards me and starts attacking me but I can easily handle her. Oh…what’s this? Suddenly three level 9 cubs appear beside her and start attacking me as well. Hopefully a fragile night elf can handle this much abuse. But apparently, she can’t. Fhionn was down on the ground just before the taming finished. A second try got the same result. Fhionn in the form of a pretty little wisp floating before the spirit healer. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Specifically, magic dust. Not drugs, this Magic Dust. Of course, the only mob is really drops from is the dust devil in Westfall, something too high a level for Fhionn. But lo and behold, Brighit is on the same server and she can kill them. Cue a couple hours of Brighit farming dust devils over a few days.

Brighit only gets 1 magic dust out of who-knows-how-many dust devils and she sends it off to Fhionn who’s waiting in Ratchet. Fhionn gets it, runs to the spawn area…and finds Dishu’s corpse. That’s right, some random player was killing mobs in the area and had just killed Dishu along with them.

I felt like killing the bloody bugger that killed Dishu, especially since her respawn time is about 8-12 hours.

I log on again the next day, determined to make this cat mine. She was of course lounging in the shade again. Throw magic dust, Dishu falls asleep, start tame…and this is the result this time:

Magic dust…it works miracles 🙂