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Red seems to be my color this month

Machalor did it! She now has a Scarlet Tracking Hound! Not without the help of two guildies of course 🙂

I had made one unsucessful trip to Scarlet Monastery with my guildie buddy Tty when Machalor hit level 33. No problem….except the hyena that spawned in the instance was level 34. >.<

Onto plan 2. Not only do I level to 34, but I also spend some time in Westfall collecting Magic Dust. Tty and I group again and a level 44 guildie also offers to help as well. Yah!

Armed with two Magic Dust and 2 great guildies, Machalor enters the instance. We kill everything up until the hyena, and then in the confusion of battle, we pull more mobs than we were suppose to, I use up both of my dusts, and the hyena dies. I’m disappointed but the others suggest that we try the next one. I agree and we take a crack at it. While my party members keep the mobs distracted, I focus on the hyena. After one broken freeze trap and two unsuccessful attempts to tame, I make it through with both me and the hyena still alive! He’s mine! I lavish praise onto my party members and head off into the sunset with my new pet at my side.

As for his name, I wanted it to follow the “laughter” theme that I had started with Chuckles. I enlisted the help of my brother and a thesaurus to come up with a good one. After scanning through a couple of the words, I yelled out “Snickers!” and we both chuckled at it. My brother then asked me, “What if someone thinks that he was named after the chocolate bar?” To which I responded, “Well, I’ll just have to explain the whole theme-naming thing…But he’s still full of chocolaty goodness!”

Don’t get my wrong, I love Jorthwyn’s pet wolf Freki and his unique barking ability. However…Nicora already has a wolf pet and I need variety in my pets. So once again I had the urge to look at Petopia and see what I could find. What I found was Lord Condar, a rare red and black carrion bird that spawns in Loch Modan. The tame wasn’t anything special. He was located in the southern area of Loch Modan and proved to be no trouble to tame. Now, I have to admit that I’m not really endeared towards carrion birds. They’re not exactly pretty and any flying creature in itself can be annoying at getting in the way of targeting the enemy. I would tame an owl (and Jorthwyn has but things didn’t work out) but let’s face it, every hunter has the same old grey owl because it’s the only one available until level 52.

I am warming up to this bird though, with his lovely colouring and his oh-so-wonderful Screech. And I had to name him Muninn, after one of Odin’s ravens. And no, he is not a raven, but he is a scavenger bird and he does have some black on him so it’s close enough for me.

Did I also mention that Jorthwyn is now level 20 and she’s trained in polearms? Sweet 🙂

Only Fhionn to go before I can cross off another on my to-do list!