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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Teh shirts…I haz em


The good news: For the Horde! and Hunters FTW! That’s right, I got them in the mail yesterday right before I ran off to work. When they say that the hoodie is really slim-fitted and really thin fabric, they mean it. I ordered a size that sound have been baggy on me but in reality […]

I accept your challenge


Hawk presented an interesting challenge the other day: find some music (WoW-related or not) that’s completely foreign and present it to the blogger community. At least that’s how I interpreted her post. At first I was going to present a video about didgeridoos but then realized that it’s not the most foreign music that I […]

Operation Scilohotep


So, the other day I’m going through my Blog Stats (love that plugin) and I come across the incoming link from the WoW forums. Hmm, this is interesting. I have this blog in my signature but I rarely visit the forums and even more rarely post something in them. I’m going to go check […]