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Teh shirts…I haz em

The good news: For the Horde! and Hunters FTW! That’s right, I got them in the mail yesterday right before I ran off to work. When they say that the hoodie is really slim-fitted and really thin fabric, they mean it. I ordered a size that sound have been baggy on me but in reality it fits pretty snuggly with a little bit of room. And the fabrics almost T-shirt thin. But I love it anyways. I’m going to wear it all the time now. I wish I could have gotten the hunter design on the hoodie but no can do. So I basically had to choose between the Alliance one and the Horde one. Let’s face it, the Horde one looks cooler. Sort of gothic in appearance. And the Alliance one just says “Alliance”. Boring! Maybe if they had put “Long live the Alliance” or whatever they say. But even then, which inspires you more? A dignified human stating “Long live the Alliance”, or a gigantic orc roaring “For the Horde!”? I think we all know the answer to that.

The bad news: It’s bloody cold in the ‘Peg these days. Monday during the day, it was -10°C (14°F). For winter here, that’s not cold, that’s practically balmy. Then…the blizzard hit in the evening, bringing the wonderfully frigid air from the Arctic right to us. The temperature dropped to around -30°C (-22°F) and because of the nasty wind, it felt more like -40°C (-40°F). Any exposed skin can freeze within 10 minutes. It wasn’t much warmer yesterday and this morning they said the temperature was -31°C (-23.8°F) and with the wind chill, -47°C (-52.6°F). Exposed skin freezes in less than 5 minutes. We also heard that the kids in my hometown way out in the country didn’t have school today. Why? Several reasons. First of all, almost every one of them have to wait for a school bus to pick them up and some have miles of driveway to walk to get to where they’re picked up. That’s bad. Secondly, school buses tend to freeze up in such cold weather. Imagine 40 kids stuck on a dead, cold bus in the middle of nowhere. That’s also bad. These kids don’t live close to town at all so they just can’t walk to a warm building. Some of them have an hour long bus ride, often riding through areas where there are no houses for miles. So…they had no school. Lucky buggers. I miss those days. Of course the silly city people here don’t get the concept of, you know, not going outside when your freaking skin can freeze in a matter of minutes!

I think there’s a certain dwarf hunter that needs to spend some time in Winnipeg in the winter. He won’t be complaining about f#%&ing 22°C (73°F) when he can’t feel his limbs.