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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Here’s to good memories


I’m sure by now a lot of you know of Blacky, Niqora’s black wolf pet. I did not name her Blacky because I am that unimaginative 🙂 As I have mentioned briefly before, the wolf is named after my RL black Labrador retriever. The real Blacky passed away on May 15 of last year. She […]

Wrath of the Linkbacks 2.4.2


What’s up with the title? I was trying to get WotLK, linkbacks, and patch 2.4.2 all in there and epically failed 😛 First up, some long overdue linkbacks to: Laser Chicken – This poor guy has has Petoholics on his blogroll forever but I only found it out after he left the game. But now […]

Happy 100th-Post Day!


Yes, it is true. This is Petoholics Anonymous’ 100th post. Still young and going strong! 🙂 If 100 posts wasn’t good enough…Niqora has reached level 60! This is the farthest I have ever gotten a character. Having played this game for oh, a year and a half, it may not seem that impressive. Considering my […]