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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Thanks Sellia!


Sellia was sweet enough to give me this little present: I had seen the Wordle that he had on his own blog and I had been meaning to make my own…but I’m so forgetful. Luckily I have Sellia to remember things for me! I should hire him to follow me around and remind me of […]



Here I am again at dawn, not because I’ve woken up early but because I haven’t gone to bed yet. I’ve realized that I have an interesting sense of humor (hence the title) and industry (hence the post) when I’ve been awake for this long. More to the point, I somehow ended up looking over […]

Why do I blog?


Late night has always been an interesting time for me. It’s the time when I get my best creative ideas, when I mull over the events of the day or week or month, when the whirl of emotions dissipates and I am alone only with my thoughts. As you can see, it is also the […]