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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Whooooo are you? Who who, who who


Since this is going to be a bit of a random post anyways…the guild that Niqora is in (okay, so is Anuniaq, Tkasha, Githinji, Saraku, and Zulrea) has become a bit of a hangout for some bloggers. Tzia came by one day to say hi to me and I invited her into Bloodriver just because. […]

Double meme


It seems that Sellia likes tagging me (he did it twice now!) so now I will kindly oblige his requests by presenting you with…drumroll please…a double meme! What’s your /played? Now he did it for two of his characters and I was prepared to do it for at least a couple of my hunters. Since […]

Heroics Sunday Sunday Sunday!


My guild has a good number of events planned for each week. Tuesday is Lowbie Day, where the higher levels help out lower characters (or someone’s alts) with quests or dungeons or anything else they made need. Sunday is Heroics Day. This past Sunday our heroics party consisted of the guild’s officers, not because we exclude members but […]