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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Don’t f*** with my vent


The following post is a little ranting story. Feel free to skip it. I bought a 15-slot vent server for Bloodriver, because I had previously set up an 8-slot one on my brother’s computer and we were actually getting some use out of it. I trust my guild so I didn’t put a password on […]

How to waste time at work


Step 1: Have absolutely nothing to do at work and be bored out of your mind. Step 2: Remember that Sellia tagged you for a meme. Also recall that you have access to Photoshop on your work computer. Step 3: Visit all the required sites and try very hard not to refresh the page to […]

And when you’re dead I will be still alive


(Yes, I am still hooked on the Portal song >.>) The other day a member of Carpe Jugulum (a guild that Bloodriver has an alliance with) was leveling an alt and asked in our common channel is anyone had a character that they wanted to take to RFC. I remembered my dragonling pally Sarauku so […]