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Category Archives: Macros/Addons

Hunter Macro #1: Pet Attack


I’ve already done some posts on hunter mods (more of those to come) but macros can be just as handy for every-day play. My most spammed macro is incredibly simple: /petattack All you have to do is have your target mob selected (or your pet will automatically attack the nearest mob) and then activate the […]

Hunter Mod #2: Feed-O-Matic


Basic Info: As simple as it is, Feed-O-Matic makes a hunter’s life so much easier. Instead of looking through your bags for your pet’s food, checking to make sure he likes it, and then feeding it to him, you simply click the Happiness icon beside your pet’s name.

Hunter Mod #1: PetExp2


I don’t know how many players actually use and/or look for mods for WoW but I decided to start listing some particularly useful ones that I use. I’ve already mentioned PetExp2 in one of my previous posts so I figured that would be a good place to start. Basic Info: Every time you kill a […]