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Hunter Mod #2: Feed-O-Matic

Basic Info:

As simple as it is, Feed-O-Matic makes a hunter’s life so much easier. Instead of looking through your bags for your pet’s food, checking to make sure he likes it, and then feeding it to him, you simply click the Happiness icon beside your pet’s name.

Handy Options:

  • allows you to bind a key to “Feed Pet”
  • can notify you through blinking the Happiness Icon, playing a sound, and/or displaying a message on the screen
  • can choose “better” foods (food more appropriate for its level) over “lesser” foods
  • can avoid foods needed for quests
  • can avoid food needed for cooking recipes (using recipes you already know)
  • can avoid food that gives you a bonus when you eat them
  • can pick food from smaller stacks so you won’t run out of inventory sooner

Other Tidbits:

There are some times (particulary when you call your pet back or just log into the game) where the Feed-O-Matic does not recognize that you have food for your pet in your bags. When this happens and your pet is hungry, it will display a message saying “[pet’s name] cannot find any food in your bags”. To solve this, simply feed your pet the old fashion way and the mod will then recognize the food.

Screenshot (care of The Unofficial WoW Mods site)

Download at Gazmik Fizzwidget’s.