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Category Archives: Exploration

The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku: Kazi’s screenshots


When I posted the first of Kazi’s and Saraku’s Adventures yesterday, I lamented not taking any screenshots of the Tanaris Islands and the tauren home. But lucky Kazi had the foresight to take a couple and linked them in the comments. So here they are in their own post! Yeah, I know Kazi did all […]

The Adventures of Kazimierz and Saraku: Shatterspear Village


It started out innocently enough. Kazi had offered to help me out with something on Saraku (looking for an engineering recipe I believe) and on the way he stopped to see if the raid boss dragon in Duskwood was around. We tried to 2-man it, discovered that it uses a cheap sleeping cloud trick, and […]

What secret places do you know about?


I have a question for you, my lovely readers. I’m looking for some cool places that most players don’t know about or are really hard to get to. Ones that I have on my list so far: Shatterspear Village (the dancing troll village) The Tanaris Islands The tauren farm south of Silithus NewMan’s Landing Ironforge […]