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Wailing Caverns sure lives up to its name


At least it did for me. Alright, let me give you the situation. Aithne is level 14 and has her blue crab Lapis. As beautiful as Lapis is and as much as I love her, I know that she is not a great pet. After all, all crabs can learn is Claw. I head over […]

Wanna know who I play?


I have now created pages for each of my hunters that I play, all six of them. This way it’ll hopefully be easier to keep track of who’s who on what realm, who has which pet, etc. The About page also has more info about me and Petoholics Anonymous. So if you’re on Hydraxis or […]

Pink flamingos


So some reason Aithne was not happy with her ravager and dragonhawk pets. She needed…something unique, something with character. Which is why I love Petopia. You can see all the pets beforehand. So anyways, I was browsing it and found Mazzranache. Now I’m not a fan of pink. In fact I hate pink. I wouldn’t […]