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I live!


So…I’ve had both Cait and Tzia poke me to post an update (Tzia so subtly said to me in guild chat: “Niqo, you DO remember that you have a blog, right?”). In my defense, I have been kind of busy searching for a job and finally landing one (Yay!). But…I have also had enough time […]

Fun with stats and stuff


Curiosity is basically my nature so every couple of days or so, I take a look at all the stats I gather through Google Analytics, Stats, and StatPress. Okay, so I’m a little obsessed with seeing who visits my blog and why. Anyways, here’s a few things that I found of interest: The two […]

Anu and friends have a party!


So now that I’ve introduced Anuniaq, I can finally talk about her! 🙂 Anu and Palartok had some fun on Saturday night. You see, she’s made two friends on Moon Guard (which I only chose because it’s suppose to have the best roleplaying on it, not because I knew anyone there). The first one is […]