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Fun with stats and stuff

Curiosity is basically my nature so every couple of days or so, I take a look at all the stats I gather through Google Analytics, Stats, and StatPress. Okay, so I’m a little obsessed with seeing who visits my blog and why. Anyways, here’s a few things that I found of interest:

  • The two most popular articles are the name generator and the Horde guide to tame on Azuremyst.
  • Someone has looked at my site over an iPod. Cool!
  • Firefox is kicking IE’s butt! Hooray for geeks! 🙂
  • The top five nationalities of people that visit are USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, and Australia. Don’t know why so many Swedish people are visiting…
  • Google really likes me. Of all the search bots that visit, it constitutes 93%. Its IP address also has the most page views.
  • Someone found my blog by Googled “faeldray” which is kinda creepy because I’m the only person in the world that uses that alias. *puts on tin foil hat* I know because it’s completely made up and completely obscure. Google it and everything that comes up is related to me.
  • Stats says that I’m getting over 100 hits per day. Google Analytics says less than 100. I’m gonna believe WordPress because it makes me feel better 🙂
  • There have been at least 3600 hits from RSS feed alone. A lot of you are like me and enjoy your feed reader.

Now for some character updates:

Nicora reached level 52 and put her first talent point in Ferocious Inspiration. I’m really enjoying that because Blacky crits a lot! The pair of them are still completing quests in Feralas, despite them being too high a level for the area. At least the quests are easy 🙂

Aunniaq is still level 29. I’ve been holding back leveling her because I don’t want her to get ahead of Xion. And since he’s created a toon on Hydraxis-H (yay!) and has been leveling it to reach around Khaja’s and Aithne’s levels, his Moon Guard character hasn’t gotten much play. So the other day, Anu just went around killing turtles and collecting their meat to cook with. She’s now about 3/4 of a way to level 30, cooked 60-something pieces of turtle meat, and maxed out her cooking skill at 225. She can’t get the next rank until level 35 😛

Last night, I took Khaja to Tarren Mills and got her fishing from 75 to 120. She also cooked all the fish but I can’t remember how much that skill went up. The funny thing is that despite hating cooking IRL, I’m beginning to enjoy it in-game. I’m thinking of getting it for all my characters, especially Nicora who will have to do a lot of farming to get that skill up.

Lately, my schedule has been going like this: get up at 7-ish for school, finish school at 3:30, go home and take a 2-3 hour nap, work in the evening if I’m scheduled, and then stay up until 2 am playing because that’s when Xion is online. Not the best schedule but as long as I get enough total sleep, I won’t be really grumpy. I know, I’m bad. Like last night, originally I was planning to fish for just 15 minutes until 11pm but then Xion logged onto his Hydraxis character and we chatted and then suddenly it was 2 am. Thankfully I had taken my nap earlier so I was able to get up this morning without too much effort. And I plan to repeat this all over again today. 🙂