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WTS “like new” guild


First, some back story. I was playing Tkasha in Undercity when I received a whisper asking if I would sign a new guild charter. Tkasha is not in a guild and I don’t plan on her being in one, but I decided to be nice and sign it for him. I assumed he was just […]

Stuff and things post


If you check out Tkasha on the Armory, you will see that she is wearing Fine Leather Gloves and Embossed Leather Pants. I mention this because last night Wolfrider said “You didn’t tell them that he changed her pants!” Yes, that is pretty much a direct quote 😉 Did I mention that I’m going to […]

I can not be stopped


Yes, I did it again. This is hunter #9, Tkasha the female troll. She was level 10 when I headed out to grab this screenshot but after killing a couple random mobs, she hit level 11. 🙂 Beside her is her pet, DLish the white crab. Whoever gets the name gets a sugar cookie! There […]