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I have been put in my place


I sent off a email to BRK, asking about his Beast Mastery build and if it was made for raiding and dungeons or soloing (which is what I do). I linked to Nicora’s and Machalor’s builds, with Machalor following his guidelines, and putting talent points into whatever I wanted to for Nicora. This is his […]

Cats, leveling, and bye-bye Loch Modan!


Fhionn, as you may know, is my cat lady. She will only tame cat pets. Right now, she has Irusan, a Durotar tiger. I had to run all the way to the Echo Isles to get him, not without the help of a guildie of course. But now I have been thinking of getting Dishu, […]

Wanna know who I play?


I have now created pages for each of my hunters that I play, all six of them. This way it’ll hopefully be easier to keep track of who’s who on what realm, who has which pet, etc. The About page also has more info about me and Petoholics Anonymous. So if you’re on Hydraxis or […]