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Cats, leveling, and bye-bye Loch Modan!

Fhionn, as you may know, is my cat lady. She will only tame cat pets. Right now, she has Irusan, a Durotar tiger. I had to run all the way to the Echo Isles to get him, not without the help of a guildie of course. But now I have been thinking of getting Dishu, a rare cheetah-skinned cat from the Barrens. Why these brightly coloured cats for a night elf that can get any number of purple or white cats? Because she can 🙂 Hey, nothing like a little bit of contrast. So why Dishu? There’s always a little more satisfying to tame a rare or elite as opposed to a regular pet. Also, he’s the only cheetah below level 25 and I haven’t seen many hunters with cheetahs.

Machalor went from level 29 to level 31.5 (so she now has the incredibly useful Feign Death) so she’s only 2 levels away from taming a scarlet tracking hound.

Aithne is now level 20! That’s one down, 3 to go to cross that off on my to-do list.

Jorthwyn is on her way to level 20, not with the help of quests in Loch Modan however. Has anyone else had problems finding quests in this dwarven area? Doesn’t really matter because now Jorthwyn and Freki are enjoying Darkshore, where there are lots of quests.

Brighit and Nicora…sorry, haven’t done anything with them.