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I have been put in my place

I sent off a email to BRK, asking about his Beast Mastery build and if it was made for raiding and dungeons or soloing (which is what I do). I linked to Nicora’s and Machalor’s builds, with Machalor following his guidelines, and putting talent points into whatever I wanted to for Nicora. This is his email back:

Machalor’s build is what you want to do for both grinding and raiding.
You are building towards Serpent’s Swiftness. Once you have that,
everything will die so much more quickly you’ll be shocked.

Nicora’s build is bad. Very Bad. No no no. You’ll never reach
Serpent’s Swiftness with that.


Now, I know a lot of people take BRK to be the hunter expert. And I myself think that he is quite knowledgeable too. But I have to admit that I have some doubt towards whether he knows what’s best for soloing and leveling. I mean, when was the last time he actually did some? All he ever seems to talk about is raiding. But I digress. This post is not a shot at BRK. I just don’t think that everyone’s perfect.

I decided to see what Someone had to say on this and he pretty much confirmed BRK, although he says that they are guidelines, not rules set in stone. Looking over his reasons, I can see why. For example, Pathfinding (which Nicora had 2 points in) does make you run faster but doesn’t help at all in fighting. And that’s what soloing really is about, isn’t it. And since I love my pets and absolutely hate it when they die, it only makes sense to make them stronger and faster.

What I’m trying to say is BRK is right (and Someone too) and I realize that Nicora’s build was wrong. So I am now respeccing each of my characters to follow that line of thinking…once they get the money of course. Nicora has already been respecced and I admit that Intimidation and Bestial Wrath have come in very handy.