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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Hunter Mod #2: Feed-O-Matic


Basic Info: As simple as it is, Feed-O-Matic makes a hunter’s life so much easier. Instead of looking through your bags for your pet’s food, checking to make sure he likes it, and then feeding it to him, you simply click the Happiness icon beside your pet’s name.

Two new pets


Machalor and Jorthwyn have each tamed a new pet (Nicora is still holding out until level 42 for Snarler). Machalor got Snort the Heckler and Jorthwyn got a strigid hunter owl. I got the owl mostly out of curiousity and because I’ve never had any sort of bird pet before. So far the owl doesn’t […]



Nicora has reached level 40! I’ve already purchased her mount, a gray kodo. Now I just have to get 81 gold for the riding skill. This could take a while.