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Two new pets

Machalor and Jorthwyn have each tamed a new pet (Nicora is still holding out until level 42 for Snarler). Machalor got Snort the Heckler and Jorthwyn got a strigid hunter owl. I got the owl mostly out of curiousity and because I’ve never had any sort of bird pet before. So far the owl doesn’t even have a name and only time will tell if I find that I like it.

Good old Snort on the other hand was an interesting tame to say in the least. I picked him because I sort of liked the purplish-blue hyena skin and hyenas are cute and ferocious looking at the same time. Snort happened to be the only blue hyena I could tame at level 24 and he also happened to be a rare. So after finding him, then getting distracted by real life stuff and losing him, I found him again and started taming. I was surprised to say in the least when he stood back and pelted me with green oozy stuff. At first I thought that it was some kind of ranged poison attack like the ones some spiders have. A hyena with a poison attack? That is really strange. Then it dawned on me. He was throwing snot at me! Talk about living up to your name. But now his name is Chuckles and alas, he no longer chucks boogers around. Now that would be a unique pet.