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Alliance has to teleport everywhere

This doesn’t have anything to do with hunters but has anyone noticed that Horde has no problem travelling from one city to another but if you’re a human in Stormwind and you want to travel to the Exodar, you have to get someone to teleport you for who-knows-how-much?

Think about it. Mulgore and Orgrimmar are close enough together to just walk or fly a windrider. Then it’s a free zeppelin ride to Undercity from Orgrimmar and a free translocation thingy from Undercity to Silvermoon City.

But for Alliance? True, to go from Stormwind to Ironforge involves simply jumping on the underground tram. And from Darnassus to the Exodar is basically a boat ride away (I’m simplifying that). But what’s the best way to get from Ironforge to Darnassus when you’re level 10 and want to tame a Strigid Owl? The answer is: the ONLY way is to have a mage teleport you. That’s it. Nothing else. Well, that…just…is poopie.