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Aithne the Blood Elf

I couldn’t resist it…I created another character, Aithne the blood elf hunter. My friends already bug me for having about 15 characters made (most of which were to see if I liked a particular class or race) and then I go and make a new one. But I love hunters, and new content, and new races, and more pets…. The way I figure it, a game is for fun and this is how I like having fun so poo on them.

Even though I’m not on a role-playing server, I still like to give me characters a sort of personality. Aithne means “little fire” and that’s how I like to think of this character. Beautiful and delicate as blood elves tend to be, but brimming over with vim and vigor and more dangerous than meets the eye. Not a direct danger, like a sword pointed at your chest, but a more subtle and cunning one, not a person you want to turn your back on unless you want to start sprouting arrows. She’s also a survivor, letting nothing stand in her way. You knock her down, she gets right back up again and deals a severe blow. You defeat her and she will only come back for revenge when you least expect it.

But as tough as I wanted Aithne to be, blood elves suck at close-range combat. Why? Have you seen their health compared to their mana? Their health is about 3 times lower. I’m used to playing the tougher classes: taurens, dwarves, orcs. She may do great damage from a distance but up close, she doesn’t last nearly as long as my tauren hunter would.

Of course, this led to the level 1-10 quests taking a liiiiitle longer than usual. At level 9, it was too difficult for her to do her level 9 quests (not impossible but I hate dying) so I grinded until I dinged level 10. And of course at level 10…that’s when hunters get their pets.

I guess you could say my pet choice was a little unusual. But I like being different and trying different things out. So I wanted a ravager, the bug-like beasts that can only be found on Azuremyst Isle at low levels. Azuremyst Isle is not only about as far away as Aithne could possibly go, but it’s also the home of the Draenei, who are the sworn enemies of the blood elves. Now unless they’re attacking her, Aithne has nothing personal against the Draenei. It’s just they might have something against her. But Aithne gets what she wants or dies trying, and so began the long trip to Azuremyst Isle.

I’ll post the exact details of how to do this in another post for the sake of people who don’t really care đŸ™‚ Needless to say, I tamed a ravager specimen and then hearthstoned back.

And the whole world should know that ravagers ROCK! I can’t ever remember killing enemies so quickly. Together we blasted through a level 10 quest as if it was level 6. There’s just two problems: ravagers aren’t exactly the nicest beasts to look at, and the great skill Gore that they have is “missing” Rank 5 and 6. By “missing”, I mean that there are no known animals that have Gore Rank 5 and 6. Why this is, I have no clue. Sounds like someone screwed up to me.

And being a blood elf, I see all these dragonhawks gliding around beautifully. And they breathe fire. Aithne, “little fire”, a pet that breathes fire…they belong together. But the only ones available have caster stats, as well as every second blood elf hunter has one as a pet. Arrrgh, I’m so torn!

Maybe I should just get a boar like everyone else. Wait, what am I saying?!?! No boars for me, ever!