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Choose your pet carefully, young grasshopper

The hunter named Someone had posted part 3 of his guide to soloing instances. I personally hate instances and avoid them like the plague. But that’s not my point. He made a very interesting comment that I think is of great importance:

Playing with a pet you really feel is your fight companion does help giving you some confidence boost and I found that using my cat, even playing the same mobs in the same way, e.g., trapping and not relying on screech to glue them to the pet, things just happened more naturally: I feel good playing with my cat by my side!

So, Screech may be nice for dealing with packs of melee mobs (had some fun with it when starting my rep grinding for the Timbermaw Hold), but if you don’t feel that this is the pet that you want at your side but rather one pet you’re using because it has a better ability, then your gameplay will suffer and the overall achievements will suffer as well…

Yes! After hearing hunters argue endlessly about which pet a hunter has to have and how such-and-such a person is a n00b for taming a crab…THIS is what I wanted to hear from an authority on hunting like Someone. Huzzah!

For example, Machalor loves her hyena Chuckles and she probably wouldn’t battle as well without him by her side. So my advice to newbie hunters looking for a pet is to take a gander over at Petopia, pick a pet that appeals to you (even if it is that ugly spider), and try him out. If it doesn’t work, go back to square one until you find one that clicks with you. I once heard someone say that the best player doesn’t play with the best, but with what he likes. I completely agree.