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Boars, boars, boars…no more!

At least that was the post I was going to write, ranting on and on about how every hunter and his mother has a boar and how it’s so cliche and boring and they’re not even that great, blah blah blah blah.

Then I rolled a Draenei hunter (I know, yet another character. Give me a slap on the wrist so we can get over it) and tamed a black boar as her companion:

Why a boar if I don’t like them? Well, I named the Draenei Brighit, after the celtic goddess of fire, Brigid. Now originally she tamed a moonstalker runt from Darkshore and got to level 14 with it. But then I decided to make a Night Elf hunter (you can’t slap me again ’cause you just did!) and the prefect companion for a night elf is a cat. I mean, Shadowmeld, Prowl…together they make the perfect couple.

That aside, Brighit needed a new pet. I did a little more research into the mythology and found out that Brigid is said to have had the king of boars Triath at her side. I figured I couldn’t really knock them until I had tried them and here was my opportunity to do it. So ensues the trip to Elwynn Forest (involving a very nerve-wrecking but successful dash through the Wetlands) and the taming of a longsnout boar. I could have made my life easier by taming any old boar closer to home but you know me, I have to have a certain kind. I imagined the king of boars to be either pure black or pure white and the ivory skinned boars just didn’t do it for me.

I suppose you’re wondering about my reaction to all of this considering my previous animosity towards boars. This can be summed up into a simple phrase: Now I can see why everyone loves them.

Looks-wise, they are sort of cute, the way they snuffle around and wave their butt in the air. They always seem happy.

Appearances aside, the abilities they have rock! They can learn Bite, Dash, Charge, Gore, Cower, and Growl. Let’s focus on the more unique abilities, Gore and Charge. Gore is an damaging ability like Bite, but it also has a 50% chance of inflicting double damage. Nice. But the pièce de résistance is Charge, a skill only learnable by boars. Basically the boar runs really fast towards the enemy, immobilizes them for one second, and adds melee power to the boar’s next attack. This attack by itself creates a huge amount of threat and glues the enemy to the boar. And the boar moves so fast that it’s better than Dash. Yes, you heard me right. Charge, a skill that can be learned right from level 1, is better than Dash, the level 30+ skill that hunters salivate over. Charge is exactly why boars are so popular. Now all my other pets on other characters seem so slow.

So I admit that I was wrong about boars. I no longer carry any ill will towards them, and I’ve personally grown fond of Triath. This does not change my stance on playing with a pet you like, but if a newbie hunter ever asks my opinion on choosing a pet, and they don’t care what it looks like, I will recommend boars. And cats. ‘Cause cats are pretty cool too 🙂