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Not rare for me

I was reading my RSS feeds this morning as I was eating my cereal and noticed this post from Mania’s Arcania, in particular where Mania says that she never come across a Galak Packhound
before. Maybe it’s just my server or just my luck but I remember seeing these hyenas numerous times. Especially one time when I went AFK and came back, two of these little buggers and their centaur handler were killing Nicora. They succeeded.

So off I flew to Thousand Needles. Once I got to Freewind Post, I mounted on my new kodo and swiftly traveled to the area Thottbot said they were in. I found them surprisingly quickly, just the two hyenas racing around the rocks like demons were chasing them. So here Nicora was, chasing these two hyenas around, trying to find some place where they slowed down so she could tame one. It must have been quite a humorous scene. And I discovered that they don’t slow down. Ever.

However, they do pass right through Whitereach Post on their rounds. So I just sat and waited for a while, and sure enough they came speeding right past me. I quickly put tame on one (while the other decided to attack me):

I then sicced him to kill his friend (I know, it’s horrible) and I had myself one of the mysterious Galak Packhounds that even the great Mania hasn’t tamed. (That wasn’t a jab at Mania. She’s a really nice person and I like her.)

So here’s proof that you can tame Galak Packhounds and that they don’t come with any skills:

Now I’m hooked. I’m going to go see if there are any other rare pets that I can tame. Of course, this is all in the name of research 😉