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Speak, Spot, speak

Ever tamed a pet with a special behavior? In her blog, Mania talks about certain pets that have unusual behaviors, like making noises they’re not suppose to or appearing in a puff of smoke. Jorthwyn already had a winter wolf but I decided that I might like one of the barking wolves better. Since the only Alliance-tamable ones are prairie wolves in Mulgore, I had a long walk and pet-leveling process ahead of me.

The tame was uneventful in itself, after all, Jorthwyn was about 7 levels higher than him. I decided to name him Freki just like her old wolf. And he is just wonderful. Definitely worth the trip and the grinding. Every time he yips happily, it just makes me smile.

Want a special pet of your own? Here’s Petopia’s list. And here’s a video someone made of their own barking wolf: