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Boots, rams, and PvP

Nicora has been getting a lot of play time recently and as a result, she’s not only hit level 46, but she’ll also received two items of importance: [item]33976[/item] and [item]20156[/item].

The ram mount came from a place that’s obvious if you’d kept up with current events: Brewfest. It’s over now but I had a blast with it. I invested more time in Brewfest than I had with any other event, mostly because of the great items you can get and the silliness of the whole thing. I got [item]32233[/item] for 4 of my characters, a [item]33969[/item] for Brighit (also would have purchased a [item]33863[/item] if she had had enough tickets), and of course the [item]33976[/item] mount for Nicora. The ram took me about 8 days of keg runs and yelling in Orgrimmar to get. The daily yelling for breweries was easy enough but trying to log on every 12 hours on the dot to do the keg runs wasn’t a cake walk. I’m sure I had dark rings under my eyes for walking up early to do the quests. But it was well worth it. The ram is so much more elegant and graceful than a kodo, which lubbers around jerkily from one area to another.

Once getting the ram, I became interested in playing Nicora again, who hadn’t really been touched for a while. At the suggestion of some guildies and the GM, I decided to try battlegrounds for the first time. I had never had any interest in the BGs before so I had never touched them. My first run was Arathi and I sucked but we won and I learned a lot of PvP just from that one run. I tried it again, this time in Warsong, and we lost to the Alliance and I sucked even more than the first time. My playing had actually improved but the Alliance were actually harder to kill in Warsong, the whole flag-running wasn’t as easy as capture bases, and a level 49 warlock kept fearing me and then blasting me to death. All in all, not a pleasant experience. I went back to Arathi one last time that day, Horde won, and I had a blast. So I’ve been back to Arathi quite a few times and so far I’ve only seen Alliance win once (he he he). My BG playing has greatly improved, although there are times when I’m still searching for the right skill to use when someone’s hacking away and killing me. And I can only play 2 or 3 BGs in a day before I get too wound up and antsy.

My reward for playing Arathi was [item]20156[/item]. I had been looking to replace [item]16977[/item] forever. Yes, Nicora was level 44 and still wearing lvl 30 boots. I couldn’t even use [item]8173[/item] on them. So I’m very proud of my new greaves. And since I’ve been informed that BG armor scales with level, I’m eager to get some more šŸ™‚ Next on my list is [item]20153[/item].