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Happy Hallow’s End!

Believe it or not, but this is Nicora, my tauren hunter, on her ram mount. This was after having spent an entire evening with a guild member, Ttyytytytyty (nicknamed “Nooblet” by our GM). At the time, he was level 25 and trying to get to level 26 so he could get the Frostmaw quest reward, Spirit Hunter Headdress (his reasoning being that he needed a new “hat” 🙂

I didn’t get any experience from the whole thing but we had a blast! He had gotten one of those Hallowed Wand – Random and kept changing me into different things: a ninja human (twice), a wisp (twice), and the last one seen here was a human ghost. The wisp was the least fun, as you are unable to attack or cast spells. The ninja was awesome and the majority of the hours we spent in Thousand Needles I was a ninja. I kept running up to mobs and meleeing them while jumping around. And I liked the neat effect with the ghost and how it turned my ram transparent as well. He was also going crazy with the Weighted Jack-0′-Lantern, which you can see on me if you look closely.

All in all, we spent the entire time joking and laughing. Even when I visited an innkeeper and got “tricked” into a black cat, and Tty chased me around, saying “Come here, kitty! I won’t kill you…maybe”. I of course responded by /scratching him…all in good humor of course 🙂