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Experiment time!

Or at least it will be once I can actually figure out how to gather the data. What I’m curious about is the factors involving learn pet skills from a beast. Here’s the list of questions I came up with:

Is there a standard rate of time for learning a new skill? Is it affected by the rank of the skill, the level of the pet you’re learning it from, or the level of the hunter? Does pet happiness affect how quickly you will learn it? Is it affected by the level of mobs that the pet is attacking? Do you have to attack that mob as well in order to learn the skill? If you’re learning more than one skill from the pet, does the second skill take the same amount of time for learn?

I’ve already asked Mania, and I just shot off an email to Someone posing the same question. If there’s anyone out there who actually reads this blog 🙂  I would appreciate some ideas. I’ll have to ponder more on it.

Just thinking now, I hope to God that each skill doesn’t have its own variables. That would make collecting data almost impossible.