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Monthly Archives: March 2008

New Design Sneak Preview


Just to show that I haven’t been wasting all my time…And ignore the weird dates and incomplete content. It’s just a Photoshop mock-up, not the complete site.

Patch 2.4 and Me


Knowing that patch 2.4 was coming out yesterday, I headed over to work to update the WoW computers. I do this unpaid but since my boss gives me unlimited free playing time and is a really nice guy, I don’t care. Luckily, the computer that I play on only had 10 MB left to download […]

Happy Easter!


Okay, so it’s after Easter but I was too busy spending time with my family and chowing down on their wonderful home cooking to blog anything. Mmmm…so much good food. I’ve been working on a portfolio project at school (did I ever mention that I’m taking web design) and for this project, we pretty much […]