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Happy Easter!

Okay, so it’s after Easter but I was too busy spending time with my family and chowing down on their wonderful home cooking to blog anything. Mmmm…so much good food.

I’ve been working on a portfolio project at school (did I ever mention that I’m taking web design) and for this project, we pretty much get to do whatever we want. So…I’m not only going to create a new theme for this blog from scratch, but I’m also attempting to create an online WoW name generator in Flash, since the majority of my visitors are looking for that. I’ll tell ya, the Flash part is so easy…the ActionScript part is not. I sure hope that I’m able to finish it by the end of the week. The blog theme won’t be as bad, as I just have to slice my Photoshop layout and code using this wonderful step-by-step guide.

WoW-wise…let’s see…Khaja reached level 29 and her ravager is around level 23. I still need a name for him, as well as a screenshot so everyone can see the two of them. Nicora dinged level 55 the other night and in a couple hours, managed to get her Cooking from level 141 to 234. Being my real first character, I didn’t realize how useful cooking could be and so I hadn’t leveled up her cooking at all. It wasn’t too long ago before Nicora’s Cooking was level 1 (she would have burnt water) and in a previous session, I got it up to 141 before I got sick of that and put it off for a little while.

I know that Nicora’s gear is sad to say in the least. I’m not the kind of person who obsesses over PHAT PURPLEZ but I do know that wearing gear that’s 15+ levels lower than you is a bad thing. I’ll have to get her some better gear before she and Blacky venture off into the battlegrounds to get her Black War Wolf. One item that drastically needs replacing is her Master Hunter’s Rifle. And she does have a Highland Bow in her bags…only her Bows skill is 1. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet but I need to soon because the battlegrounds are looming over me menacingly.