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Patch 2.4 and Me

Knowing that patch 2.4 was coming out yesterday, I headed over to work to update the WoW computers. I do this unpaid but since my boss gives me unlimited free playing time and is a really nice guy, I don’t care. Luckily, the computer that I play on only had 10 MB left to download and was finished in a matter of minutes (thanks to the background downloader). The other 3 (2 computers are out of service, yet something else I need to fix) didn’t have any of the patch downloaded. Even over our T1 line, the estimated time was 80 minutes. Which was fine, because it gave me an opportunity to play 🙂

I updated as many of my addons as I could (which wasn’t many) and then fired WoW up, checking the little “Load Out-of-Date addons” box. Apparently that wasn’t the greatest idea as it froze WoW. Going with only my absolutely-necessary addons, I got into the game with only minor problems and started questing with Nicora.

Then my brilliant boss (I love him but he does have his blond moments) decided that now was a great time to download those free Halo maps into a couple of Xboxes. The T1 line slowed to a crawl, giving me 1.5-2 seconds of lag as I was trying to play and increasing the time it took to download the patch. Instead of taking 80 minutes, it took 2 and a half hours. I was getting frustrated trying to quest with the horrible lag when my brother showed up and we played a couple of songs on Rock Band. Not to toot my own horn but I sang ‘Dani California’ on Expert (the hardest setting) and got 89%. That song is also a blast to sing.

All in all, I only managed to complete 2 quests with Nicora but they were the last ones she needed to do in the Hinterlands so now it’s off to other areas for her. And I still have to get the patch for my laptop and my brother’s computer. >.< That’ll take all night.