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Monthly Archives: August 2008

I think I’m getting carpal tunnel


So the word about the Pet-o-holics Namerator is out thanks to WoW Insider and Mania’s Arcania, which spread to many many other sites. Now, I was expecting some interest in it..but not this much interest! Over 4000 views in one day AND there were over 200 name submissions waiting for me in my mail box! […]

The moment hunters have been waiting for…


You have all waited very patiently for this, I know you have. So before everyone explodes from being pent-up, I proudly give you…drum roll please… The Pet-o-licious Namerator! You may be wondering why only 2 names appear at a time when PANDA has 10 at once. The reason? I have discovered that I’m good at […]

Big News!!!


It doesn’t look like much, does it? Just Niqora and Grakoth doing some quests in Shadowmoon Valley. But oh, it is much more than that. The text box hints at it. Whether you want to believe your eyes or not, it’s true. Niqora has reached level 70. It’s hard to believe after spending so much […]