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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Warning: Not for the weak at heart


It’s not every day that I get triple-dog dared to do something. So when Vlcan decided to come visit Niqora and dared her to put on Green Winter Clothes, I just couldn’t pass it up. He wanted screenshots to prove it, despite me warning him. I am now also warning you…this content is not suitable […]

My First Commenter


Tzia just passed the hot potato over to me, so now I get the pleasure of thanking the very first commenter. When Petoholics first started, it was actually called It’s a pet-eat-mob world, which you can still find hosted on On my first ever post, an intro that was basically me just rambling away, […]

I heart my guild


Back in October, I had mentioned that I had joined the Freeriver Tribe which was an all-tauren RP guild. Somewhere in November, a sister guild called Bloodriver was created. The RP story behind Bloodriver was it was to recruit fighters from every race and class to help take revenge on the Lich King for killing […]